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EV5 Charity Events

Keuzevak in Breda. This is creative marketing! Social events should be part of a nonprofit’s overall development program.

Instelling: NHTV Academy for Leisure Specialisatie Eventmanagement
Periode: Sept – oktober

Voor wie:
Alle 4e jaars Vrijetijdsmanagement en International Leisure management die de minor Evenementenmanagement kiezen

“Eventmanagement, a subject full of passion, a subject with vast possibilities. A subject where imagineering comes alive, where unique experience are been created and where visitors are enjoying every second.”

This is also true for Charity Events. What does Charity Events mean? You could give thousands of different definitions of charity events. The Academy for leisure chose to you use the following one:

A Charity Event is a unique event with a starting date and an ending. It takes place at one or more sites, you can transfer is and visitors/participants come for the program and the goals are fundraising, goodwill, social responsibility, consciousness of free publicity for a charity organisation or a corporate social project.

This course is meant to study Charity Events strategically and thoroughly. We do not have all the knowledge yet. This year will be the first time we offer this course. Hopefully you will bring usefull thoughts, literature, and discussion. Together we will make this course a success! There are several ways of studying charity events, depending on where the initiative comes from:

media, ex. 3FM Serious Request

sports, ex. Right to play

Dance/music, ex. Dance for life



Dorothé Gerritsen, Gerritsen.d[at], 076-5332882

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