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Sustainable Development

Master in Utrecht. How can we stimulate the use of alternative sources of energy? How do ecosystems respond to global change? How can we guarantee that sufficient quantities of clean water will always be available? How can public engagement help the environment?

Instelling: Universiteit Utrecht

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There are a lot of questions about our environment. The only way to answer them properly is to adopt a multidisciplinary approach that combines insights from natural and social sciences. The Master’s programme in Sustainable Development (SD) does just that: it focuses on the analysis of changes needed to achieve an environmentally and socially accountable society. You will learn how such changes can be analysed and managed, locally and globally, in both the short and the long term

Are you interested in environmental issues? Do you want to work towards a sustainable future? Do you want to study in an excellent academic environment? If so, the SD MSc could be the perfect challenge for you. You’ll be exploring a sustainable world in this international research Master’s programme with students from all over the world.

The Sustainable Development programme is developed by one of the world’s leading research groups on sustainability issues: Utrecht University’s Copernicus Institute.

The study consists of 4 tracks:
–    Energy and Resources
–    Land Use, Environment and Biodiversity
–    Environmental Policy and Management
–    Sustainable Livelihoods in Developing countries



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