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Industrial Ecology

Master in Leiden/Delft/Rotterdam. A systemic approach to human problems, integrating technical, environmental and social aspects


Instelling: samenwerking tussen Universiteit Leiden, TU Delft en Erasmus Universiteit

Voor wie:
Students with a bachelor’s degree in any of the Natural sciences, Technical sciences and Social sciences with good results from a recognized university, and with a thorough proficiency in written and spoken English, can apply for admission to the two year programme. Admission is subject to the approval of the department’s selection committee.


Industrial Ecology is an emergent scientific discipline, in which the sustainable co-evolution of economy, technology and environment is the core issue. Industrial Ecology aims to balance people, planet, and profit and therefore utilizes knowledge from the natural, technical and social sciences. Its interdisciplinary character promotes an inter-university joint educational program.

In the Netherlands, three renowned universities (Leiden University, Delft University of Technology, and Erasmus University Rotterdam) bring together these three research areas of Industrial Ecology in an integrated joint Master’s program, creating a synergy that cannot be obtained by studying any one field in isolation. Analysis, innovation and implementation are integrated in a unified approach to industrial ecology problems, while studying at three universities provides a competitive and challenging environment. The study program is unique in the Netherlands and one of a few in Europe.


Yorgos Chalkias (started september 2007): “These four first months I have been moving between three universities with different academic orientation and interacting with people from different scientific fields and countries. I have met people with great enthusiasm and novel ideas that want to take their science one step further and make the difference. So many new experiences, people, ideas, knowledge were overwhelming at the beginning and hard to tame.”

Wataru Machida (started september 2004): “In this program I can succeed in getting a broader view of Industrial Ecology, with the help of teachers and guest lectures. If you already have a special clear defined interest, you can surely find suitable elective classes at the three universities. As Gijsbert (the Programme Coordinator) said: This program is a very good one for those who want to do something innovative.”




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