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Sustainable International Business

Minor in Deventer. Prosperity and saving our planet

Instelling: Saxion Hogescholen, Lectoraat Duurzame Leefomgeving

: Kwartiel 1 en 2 ( 1e semester)

Voor wie:
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Companies are increasingly being held responsible for effects of their products, processes and services on society. These effects concern environmental aspects (planet) and social aspects (people) in balance with the economic aspects (profit/prosperity). This responsibility is in literature nowadays called Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Important items concerned are: climate change, clean water, child labour, biodiversity, human rights, occupational health and safety, poverty etc.

In this minor we will focus on how companies take their responsibility and try to manage and improve these items in balance with their daily business. Being aware of international economic development (globalisation) and sustainability companies use management-systems, sustainability-programs and publish sustainability reports to implement this Corporate Social Responsibility in the organisation.

Students are (after having participated in this minor): aware of the importance of sustainability aspects related to the long term strategy of companies, able to define their own personal opinion concerning sustainability aspects in society,familiar with the most important sustainability aspects concerning companies and the international public debate and trends in society,

Students work in this minor on the competences:

  • execute sustainability research/projects in business
  • develop sustainability strategies and policy
  • implementation of instruments and systems to execute the sustainability policy at operational level in the organisation,
  • interdisciplinary/project management consultative skills

Ervaring van student met minor:
“Last year I have been participating in the Minor Sustainable International Business at Saxion Deventer.  My major programme is Textile management at Saxion Enschede and I noticed that there are many aspects in the textile industry that aren’t sustainable at all. I would certainly recommend this minor to any student no matter what you’re background is. In many companies the focus on only profit is shifting to Corporate Social Responsibility and that is a something that will remain important. 

Although I was the only textile student that followed the minor in my year I can really recommend this minor. The textile industry is one of the worst industries in the world. Child labour, animal abuse, water pollution, toxic cotton cultivation, it is still happening and there are solutions but they have to be implemented by someone.”

Moniek van der Liende, 4th Year student Textile Management Saxion Hogeschool Enschede






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