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Opening of FabCity

Opening Of FabCity

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At the moment FabCity – the temporary campus to find solutions for urban issues – is being build at the head of Amsterdam’s Java Island. Different pavilions are popping up, and our flexible working-place (flexplek) in the LDE Centre for Sustainability pavilion is being created. In the last blog we, a research team of TU Delft and University of Leiden, explained why a transition to circular cities is needed. This week we will talk about defining the circular city and why you should all come and visit FabCity.

A different view is needed to define future cities, an important part of this new definition is the hinterlands. Urbanization suggests that these areas become less important in the future, but that is a wrong assumption and not the best starting point in the transition to circular cities. Hinterlands can help us close the loops, so less (raw) materials in and less waste out. In this way cities will become stronger and more independent. In this new defined area knowledge, data and experiences should be shared to make the make the city circular. FabCity is the perfect city to research how we can increase the sharing of knowledge and by this lower the amount of material, energy and water flows coming in and going out of the city.   

Students, professionals, researchers, artists and institutions will work and live for eleven weeks on FabCity. They will demonstrate, develop and try out solutions for our future cities, like alternative forms of energy, new ways of transportation, different possibilities for treating water, local food supplies and re-using wasteFabCity also shows performing arts and installations from innovative creators. Their vision of the future will take shape in theater, dance, film and music performances.

minister-bussemaker    mir20140814-4018-bm-vanderlaan-ambtsketen-hr

Jet Bussemaker (Minister of Education, Culture and Science) and mayor Van der Laan of Amsterdam will officially open FabCity on the 11th of April at 10:00 am. And in the days after the opening the kick-off of FabCity continues with several lectures, workshops and speeches. For the full programme you can look here.

From 11th of April until the 26th of June FabCity is the home of students, professionals, researchers, artists and institutions. Our working place will be in the pavilion of Centre for Sustainability. We will be working here several times a week. If you want to be sure of meeting us you can always contact us.

If you want to join the opening don’t forget to enroll yourself.  Or just come and visit FabCity another time and get inspired!

We will tell you more about our progress in a serie of blogs

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