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Orange is the new paste Red

It was this week Koningsdag and I had a huge bag of carrots over. Time for a Pasta Sauce with a sweet Orange carrot-ginger and chickpeas. A little unexpected combination, but very tasty. And super fast. So: move over Pasta and Pasta Red Green, here is my new favorite pasta (vegan)!


What do you need for four people?

  • 800 grams of carrot/carrots.
  • 300 grams whole wheat pasta (or more if you have a lot of hungry)
  • Cucumber.
  • Can of chickpeas.
  • Jar black olives (preferably sliced).
  • One to two tablespoons ginger paste (jar of the brand Go-tan, found in soy sauce, noodles and the like)


  1. Cut the carrots into pieces and cook them about 15 minutes, or until you can pierce the pieces very easily to a fork.


  1. Meanwhile, cut the cucumber into small cubes, pour the chickpeas and olives and. Toss the three together and put in a scale. Also cooking the pasta.


  1. Now pour the carrot pieces off but keep a little cooking liquid. Puree the pieces into a blender or hand blender together with a tablespoon of ginger paste and some pepper and salt. Add some water if the sauce is too thick. Trial between by and add any more ginger or spices.

Serve the pasta with a large spoon carrot sauce and the chickpea salad. And stay in the koningsdag-atmosphere.


Willemijn is journalist en al een jaar of tien overtuigd dat geen vlees eten het beste is dat je voor een schonere, gezondere en eerlijkere wereld kunt doen. Sinds kort zelfs helemaal veganistisch gaan eten, om nog wat meer daad bij het woord te voegen. Laat graag zien dat koken dan nog steeds leuk is en geen gat slaat uit je studentenbudget.

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