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Sustainability around the world: Europe

Sustainability Around The World: Europe

By Gillian Phair

Landfill, recycling plants, waste to energy facilities; there are lots of places that our waste can go. Waste has so much potential to reduce our energy and material use, but often, this potential is not tapped. Even when recycling or energy production is considered, waste often ends up at the wrong type of facility.

DONG energy is trying to correct these inefficiencies by using enzymes to separate mixed waste for its best purpose.

Enzymes? Yeah.
So enzymes will dissolve organic material into a fluid, to be turned into biogas for energy use. Recovered metal and plastic is sent to a recycling facility, and the non-degradable plastic is brought to waste-to-energy incinerators.

The first plant is being established in the north of England, and hopes to be operating by 2017. In the future, DONG energy wants to apply this technology in Asia, where waste production is ever increasing.

Not only does their technology solve the issue of wasted resources, but also it will actually make external Waste-to-Energy facilities function better, helping them create more energy!

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