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Social Good Summit Amsterdam 2016

Social Good Summit Amsterdam 2016

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The Social Good Summit is a two-day conference organised in collaboration with United Nations Development Programme, examining the impact of technology and new media on social good initiatives around the world. Simultaneously with the main event in New York, multiple Summits take place at different locations all over the world. For the third time Amsterdam will participate by organising the Social Good Summit Amsterdam.

The Global Goals Jam: less talking, more making!

2016 is the first year where we are not only going to talk and think, but also make and do. Design studio MediaLAB Amsterdam has developed a special design toolkit that will be distributed globally over 15 other participating locations so that together, at multiple places in the world, we can take on current challenges in a similar way.

The Amsterdam event – Design #2030NOW

From 16 to 18 September we organise the Global Goals Jam Amsterdam. 50 participants, organised in multi-disciplinary teams, will design, develop and deliver solutions to different challenges related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. For these challenges we are collaborating with organisations and companies within the Knowledge Mile, in order to generate short-term local impact. For the Global Goals Jam in Amsterdam we focus on 5 goals:

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On Sunday, in sync with the UNDP Social Good Summit in New York, Social Good Summit Amsterdam will host a Final Seminar where the results of the Jam will be presented to the public. Additionally, inspirational speakers will shed their light on solutions to the greatest challenges of our times. One of the confirmed speakers is Hugo von Meijenfeldt, coordinator implementation Global Goals at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – and of course there will also be tasty food and drinks (*spoiler alert* : ever tasted beer made from rainwater?)

Are you a designer, developer, tinkerer, maker or builder of any sort? Do you have an interest or professional expertise in the field of sustainability, design, or somewhere in-between? And do you like to work together in an interdisciplinary team to create future-proof ideas for a more sustainable world? Then join us in designing 2030 now!

Register here to participate in the Global Goals Jam

Register here to attend the Final Seminar


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