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Join the Global Dialogue on waste!

Join The Global Dialogue On Waste!

be waste wise

Until September be Waste Wise is bringing the best minds together to explore the role of waste management in improving well being, to make our pale blue dot a better place to live. Join the exploration through this months theme: Making a Case For Waste.

2016gdw-300x276be Waste Wise, is a non-profit organization addressing the need for knowledge dissemination in waste management by bringing the best minds in the world together to build a global waste management community. be Waste Wise provides educational resources, direct access to experts and networking for free and builds momentum around the global challenge of waste.
The Global Dialogue on Waste was first hosted in 2013. More and more waste practitioners & visionaries (from organizations across the world) are getting involved in panel discussions to discuss various facets of the waste problem that we are globally facing with nowadays. Already two months have past from the 2016 #wastedialog. In these two months the themes of “Ocean & Plastic Pollution” and “Consumption & Climate Change” were explored. Missed the first two months? Don’t worry! All the discussions in the 2016 #wastedialog are recorded for viewing here. 
Apart from the panel discussions, Twitter interviews are organized on the themes as well as bWW Essays for the question “How will good waste management improve well being?”.

Join the Global Dialogue on Waste!

To share your solutions and thoughts, use #wastewise or #wastedialog and mention @bewastewise on Twitter

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