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A goodbye and hello from the GO coordinators

A Goodbye And Hello From The GO Coordinators


Somehow a year has already passed by and my time as GO Coordinator is coming to a close. The experiences I had, travelling to other Green Offices, creating new projects, facilitating workshops, and promoting discussion are invaluable to me. Being the first ever GO Coordinator meant that the role was at times challenging, but this uncertainty allowed for creativity and innovation.Valerie

During this time, I’ve come to appreciate the influence of students and the difference a single voice can make. Green Offices truly are a place where ideas can grow, and although at first this seemed like merely a catchy saying, I was able to see it first hand on countless occasions. Whether it be a student walking through the door, a member of staff, or one of the GO employees themselves, they enter an environment of open minds, positivity, and comradery where their ideas can flourish. Most of all I’ve realized the power of teamwork and collaboration. When one voice becomes many and you work honestly together towards a common goal, nothing is out of reach.

As for me, I’ll be graduating soon and diving into the job market, but will continue to stay involved with the Green Office Movement. I am so happy to have had the privilege to be the first GO Coordinator and can’t wait to see how the Green Offices and their employees will grow.

Your fellow greeny, Valerie   


Hi there! My name is Femke and I am very happy to call myself the new GO coordinator of Belgium and the Netherlands for the coming year.

Some basic things about myself:  I just started my second year of master in environmental sciences in Wageningen, the Netherlands. Despite my typical Dutch name, I am Belgian. Before moving to the Netherlands, I studied biology Femkein Ghent. I was active in a local youth movement for many years and still like to play silly games. Next to this, I was involved in multiple student projects about sustainability, urban farming and climate change in Ghent and Wageningen. I truly believe we can make a change together, and in the transition towards a better future three concepts are close to my heart: sustainability, empowerment and education.

The wonderful thing is that Green Offices combine all three of them! Like Valerie wrote, Green Offices are places where wonderful people sprout new ideas and put them into action in order to make their university greener. There are little things that give me as much energy and hope as meeting inspiring people that work together on the road towards sustainability. Furthermore, I think it’s thrilling to be part of this new movement that is spreading so fast all over Europe. Mind you, I am so into the topic of GOs that I will be writing my thesis on it as well!

Looking forward to meet you at your local GO, the GO summit, in a working session or somewhere else in this little country.


Valerie Brown

Valerie is a recently graduated master's student at Utrecht University in Sustainable Development. She has worked as the Green Office coordinator for the Netherlands and Belgium, together with organizations Studenten voor Morgen and rootAbility. She is now exploring her options for employment in Utrecht and continuing to learn about and pursue a sustainable lifestyle.

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