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The new Green Office coordinator: the answer to all your questions

A new academic year, more Green Offices than ever and a new GO Coordinator. In this article you can find out everything related to this exciting movement.

Q1: What are Green Offices (GOs)?

In short: a Green Office Model is the vision of a student-led and staff-supported sustainability hub that initiates, coordinates, and supports sustainability activities at an institution of higher or further education. The Green Office model was developed by Rootability. All Dutch Green Offices are member of the Studenten voor Morgen network.

Some facts and figures about the GO movement:

  • First GO was founded in Maastricht in 2010
  • 25 GOs in the Netherlands, Germany, UK and Belgium
  • 17 GO initiatives in the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and Italy
  • > 100 students and staff employees
  • Winner of UNESCO-Japan Prize on Education for Sustainable Development

Quite impressive if you ask me!


Q2: How to get involved in the GO movement?

Starting to get excited after all this? Check out if your educational institute has a GO. If yes, you can volunteer or even work there and get some money. Subscribe to their newsletter or like there facebook-page so that you can find out all about the nice stuff they are doing. Green Offices organize a lot of activities related to sustainability so you don’t even have to actually engage (although this is fun of course) and just enjoy one of these.

If your institute doesn’t have a GO (yet), you can always try to found one! Gather some friends or like-minded people and contact Rootability, who can help with the lobby process. There is also the Green Office Movement facebook-page to connect and share everything related to GOs.

Q3: Who am I?

This is an easy one. Read all of my personal life and origins of GO love in this article.


Getting started: Valerie (former GO coordinator), Giorgia (Rootability), Tim (Rootability), Hanna (Morgen), Felix (Rootability), Femke (current GO Coordinator), Anselm (Rootability) and Nikki (Morgen) on a GO lobby session organised by Rootability.

Q4: What are my plans as GO coordinator?

What I will mainly be doing is to increase the visibility of the GO movement and support GOs in the Netherlands and Belgium. The support comes in three different forms. The first is coordination of the GO movement by trying to keep the overview of contact details and different projects. The second is process facilitation of the individual GOs by organizing workshops and helping to solve problems. The third is internal communication on important information and events concerning the movement.

Doing this all alone would be a lot of work! Luckily I am supported by Rootability and Studenten voor Morgen. Nikki (Student Network board member of Morgen) and I will visit all GOs together.

Q5: What am I going to write about on

Most of my articles will highlight GO stories. I would like to celebrate their success stories and but also try to learn about their and my shortfalls. Furthermore, you can expect some stories coming from my thesis research about empowerment and GOs. Lastly I would like to write some articles about topics that I personally find interesting or worthwhile sharing, like environmental communication and hitchhiking.

Q6: Where to with YOUR questions?

Enough about me. If you have questions or any kind of feedback for me, don’t hesitate to write/call me or pass by in Wageningen. I look forward to meeting you all!

t: 0032 487 38 65 96

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