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Sustainable Art: Moss Graffiti (DIY)

Sustainable Art: Moss Graffiti (DIY)

A while ago I wrote an article about my love for Banksy and his controversial street art. But how sustainable is street art when you consider the environmental impact of graffiti? And are there any alternatives?


Graffiti is toxic for the environment and emits fumes that contribute to climate change, not to mention the environmental and health impacts of the chemicals to remove the graffiti. So dear Banksy maybe you can consider moss graffiti for a change? Moss graffiti? Yes moss graffiti, and this how you make it!

Oh deer! 

What do you need?

  • 3 handfuls moss
  • 700 ml water
  • ½ teaspoon of sugar
  • 120 ml buttermilk/yoghurt
  • Blender
  • Container
  • Paint brushes



  1. Blend all the ingredients until it is completely smooth and has a paint-like structure (don’t liquify because the moss cells have to stay intact)
  2. Transfer the smooth mass to the container
  3. Apply the paint to a textured surface. Choose the right spot, too much sun can dry it out and be aware that it if you apply it to painted walls it will remove the paint.
  4. Mist the moss daily for several weeks until it begins to grow
  5. Enjoy!

Mist mist mist

Let it grow 

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