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ZustainaBox: the surprising sustainable gift box

ZustainaBox: The Surprising Sustainable Gift Box

I don’t know about you, but finding my friends a gift is something I always struggle with. Especially when some of my friends don’t know what they want, it is often easy to fall back into old habits and give them a useless gift, just to give something. If you find yourself in the same position as me, you should keep reading! In this article, I will be highlighting different products offered by ZustainaBox .

ZustainaBox is an initiative that created gift boxes with products that otherwise have been put to waste. Next to that, it is a certified B Corp, which means even though the company makes a profit, it is done in a sustainable and responsible way. 

A Deep Dive into the ZustainaBox

Before highlighting the different varieties of boxes, let’s first dive a little deeper into the company. Transport is one of the biggest sources of emissions, which is why ZustainaBox does everything in its power to deliver the package as green as possible. This includes choosing the right transport companies. Next to green delivery services, ZustainaBox invested in the “ZustainaBus”. Bought second-hand, they use the bus to shop and deliver on short distances. On top of all this, the company works together with WWF, The Ocean Movement and Trees for All. 

Let’s take a closer look at these collaborations. Each year a World Wildlife Fund Christmas box is put together by ZustainaBox. From the profit, 3 euros go to (re)planting trees in the Atlantic Forest in Brazil. Amazing, right?! For The Ocean Movement, ZustainaBox makes a special ExpeditionBox, from which all the profit is donated. Then, The Ocean Movement uses this to do research, educate and activate people, organizations and governments to avoid any more wastage in the oceans. Lastly, ZustainaBox closely collaborates with Trees for All, by regularly donating money in order to compensate for their travelled distances. All in all, good things happening. 

The Different Box Options

The “Zonebokx” is a gift box which helps to prevent food waste; with a store value of over 60 euros, it contains many products with a close due date or a due date that has already been passed. However, the company makes sure that the products are still safe to eat since they first tested them themselves. This assures that the customer, you, can get to know new products in an easy, low-threshold way. The best part is, you don’t pay for the products, only a small fee for the company and the delivery costs. 

If you’re a planner, and you are already looking for Christmas gifts, take a look here. ZustainaBox is able to provide many different Christmas gifts, either just for you or for all your colleagues! Whether you want a gift box themed for warm feet, a box full of foam or all the possible flavours of cookies you can think of: the ZustainaBox has it!

The last product which I wanted to highlight is small but fierce because it fits through your letterbox. The letterbox boxes are available in many different themes and sizes (not too big though). With the cheapest box being only 12,95 euros, you surprise one of your friends without having to visit them. 

The ZustainaClub

Are you having a hard time making choices? Let the company choose for you. 4 times per year you will receive a 20% discount on member boxes which include all kinds of products: home, garden, kitchen or office products – all are included. Why? Because a sustainable lifestyle needs to be available for everybody.  And the ZustainaClub makes it easier, for everybody. 

So, if you are looking for a proper gift for your friend (or just for yourself), then take a look at!

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