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Top 5 Vegetarian Products from the Supermarket

Top 5 Vegetarian Products From The Supermarket

As a student, it can be very difficult to find something to eat that is tasty, animal-friendly, and not too expensive. Luckily, the vegetarian products in the supermarket are becoming a smart choice since they are way cheaper than their meat counterpart. But there are a lot of products and brands nowadays that specialize in plant-based food. How do you know which one you will like the most? Especially if you’re not familiar with the ever growing assortment of vegetarian products. You can get easily overwhelmed and not know what you want to get. 

I have tried numerous vegetarian products in my life and now know which products and brands I really like and which ones I don’t. To help you get started, or to give you some new recommendations, I have made a countdown of all of my personal favorite vegetarian products. Enjoy!

5: Spinazie kaas rondo from Lidl

The spinazie kaas rondo is basically just spinach with cheese and a nice crispy layer around it that is a part of Lidl’s own line of vegetarian products. At first, I was afraid it would be too cheesy. But thankfully it has a nice balance between the cheese and spinach. However, it can be very filling because of the density, so I mostly can’t finish my entire dinner when I have this on my plate. The spinach also makes it very tough and hard to chew. Nevertheless, it is still delicious for me because I love spinach. Which is why this product for me comes in at number 5. 

4: Meatballs from Garden Gourmet

My favorite vegetarian meatballs have to be these ones from Garden Gourmet that you can find in most supermarkets in the Netherlands. What I like so much about them is that they taste almost exactly like regular meatballs. However, they can be a bit dry, but that is easily fixed if you pair it with a nice gravy or sauce. All other brands usually have very tasty meatballs, so the choice was hard to make. But these ones are personally my favorite of them.

3: Vegan vissticks from Lidl

Another Lidl product! Personally, I love fish sticks, which is probably why these vegan fish sticks are so high in this list. It tastes almost exactly like regular fish sticks. But these ones are even better since they do not fall apart the moment you try to pick them up. I always pair them with some mashed potatoes and spinach to get a delicious meal!

2: Plant-based burger from Beyond Meat

Once upon a time, a friend made dinner for me using this plant-based burger from Beyond Meat. I honestly thought it was real meat until she pointed out that it was entirely vegetarian! Ever since, I have been in love with this juicy burger. It looks like a burger, it smells like a burger and it tastes exactly like a burger. If you still want the feeling of eating meat without actually doing so, I highly recommend this!

1: Groenteschnitzel from Lidl

My all time favorite product to eat is the vegetarian groenteschnitzel(vegetable schnitzel) from Lidl’s line of vegetarian products. I look forward to eating this almost every week. The outer layer really looks like a schnitzel, but the inside is full of crispy vegetable pieces. And to top it all off, it is one of the cheapest vegetarian products Lidl has! So if you have never eaten this before, I highly encourage you to try it!

I hope you got some inspiration to try some of these products! Even if you never considered eating vegetarian, as a student it is smart to try it once in a while now that the meat prices are skyrocketing. You probably noticed that the vegetarian line of Lidl is most beloved by me in terms of brands. This is because they have the combination of a delicious taste and the cheapest price. But nevertheless the brand, all these products are easy to cook, delicious to eat and low in price.

There are so many more products out there that I haven’t even mentioned or tried yet. So even if nothing on this list fits your taste, there must be something out there that does.

Bon appetit!

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