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5 Sustainable Beach Essentials for an Eco-friendly Summer

5 Sustainable Beach Essentials For An Eco-friendly Summer

Summer’s here, the sun is out, and whether you’re interrailing through Europe or visiting a tropical destination, you can’t possibly leave without these five beach essentials to make your summer vacation more sustainable and eco-friendly.

1. Sun, sea, and… a natural sunscreen

Most of us already know that we should protect ourselves from the sun. But did you know that sunscreen can cause a lot of negative impact on the environment and the ocean specifically? If you go into the sea with your sunscreen on, you leave a lot of chemicals behind in the water that are bad for your skin, but also bad for coral reefs and other marine life too.

So what can we do to protect our skin and the ocean? Naïf sunscreen consists of mineral filters and natural oils that have less impact on the ocean, making it coral-friendly. And a plus, the packaging is made of recycled plastic. It also provides optimal skin protection and nourishment at the same time because of its zinc oxide-based formula. This means that you can sunbathe and swim in peace!

Image from Naïf

2. Timeless and sustainable swimwear

Are you looking for a sustainable alternative for swimwear? Look no further, because JUNGL has it all! The Amsterdam based brand offers timeless and slow-fashion pieces to make your summer stylish and unforgettable.

Produced in the Netherlands and Portugal, their swimwear collection is made from ECONYL yarn, a 100% regenerated fiber from pre- and post consumer waste such as fishing nets and nylon. This makes the swimwear long-lasting and eco-friendly to not only enjoy this summer, but also the next!

Image from JUNGL

3. Sandy bums, soothing surf and sustainable beach towels

Coral-safe sunscreen, eco-friendly swimwear, and of course an organic beach towel make the summer trifecta of our sustainable dreams! Designed in Hawaii and California, Slowtide is the place to turn for art-inspired and sustainable beach towels.

From sustainably sourced cotton and recycled plastic, to small details like weaving techniques and reusable packaging, Slowtide has thought of it all. Their collection has no nasties that cause harm to our planet and make a product you will truly fall in love with. Drying off vitamin sea always feels better when using recycled or organic beach towels that won’t leave a negative impact on your summer fun.

Image from Slowtide

4. Water bottle with a mission

Staying hydrated is essential; using single-use plastic bottles is not. Using a sustainable water bottle is one of the most impactful swaps you can make, and the effort of doing so is minimal with Dopper. The Dopper Insulated keeps your drink cold for 24 hours and warm for 9 hours – the ultimate experience! 

Produced in the Netherlands, with a zero carbon footprint, Dopper ensures that every bottle, from design to the end of life, is made with consideration for the planet. The bottles with a mission come in different materials, colours, and styles. So whatever your style and however you drink your water, there is a Dopper that suits you!

Image from Dopper

5. From beach to lunch

The one thing everyone already has in their closet, the tote bag, complete your beach essentials list with this! No better way to recycle and reuse by bringing your favorite bag along with you on vacation to the beach, to your favorite restaurant, and all your summer adventures. You are all set up to bring all your essentials along for the ride. In true style and enjoy your summer to the fullest!

With these beach essentials you are well on your way to enjoy a fantastic day at the shore. Without worrying about a bad impact on the environment. So, pack your sustainable swimsuit, bring your water bottle with a mission, and apply natural sunscreen for an amazing, eco-friendly, and unforgettable beach experience this summer. 

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