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5 Books About Climate Change For Your Holiday Wish List

5 Books About Climate Change For Your Holiday Wish List

The winter holidays are approaching fast and your family or friends might have started to ask you for your wish list already. Not sure what to ask for? Here are some books on climate change and sustainability that are perfect to gift or receive this winter (or just buy for yourself)!

1. The Climate Book – Greta Thunberg

You obviously know Greta as the young activist who started the school strikes in 2019. She has published/written books before but this time she lets experts speak. From journalists and activists to all types of scientists: they share what is happening and what we must do. The book is divided in five parts to explain the climate crisis, its causes, its consequences and the challenges that we are facing now. The Climate Book does a great job at explaining the urgency of the crisis and is a must-read for everyone who wants to know more about the climate emergency.

2. The Carbon Almanac – Seth Godin & The Carbon Almanac Network

As the title of this book suggest, it is an almanac (usually an annual publication providing general information) and thus is full of graphs and other visual explanations of the facts behind climate change. The book provides facts, and many of them in a clear and concise way. It is an ideal reference book for anyone who wants to help fight climate change as this book provides details as well as an overview of the current state of the world. 

3. How to Blow Up a Pipeline – Andreas Malm

This book explores the pacifism in activist movements such as the climate movement. Malm argues that other approaches, such as sabotage or other types of ‘violence’ are a logical way to fight for climate justice. This might sound like a statement that is difficult to defend, but Malm makes a very compelling argument that will definitely make you think. The three chapters Learning from Past Struggles, Breaking the Spell, and Fighting Despair take the reader through his view of activism and the morality behind escalation. A perfect book for any (wannabe) activist who wants food for thought.

4. Less is More: How Degrowth Will Save the World – Jason Hickel

Less is More will make you question our economical system and what is needed to fight climate change. Hickel critiques economic growth and instead focuses on degrowth. The restoration of the balance of the world as a way to save the world. It outlines a world where capitalism does not rule us; it is an interdisciplinary plea to fight for degrowth. A page turner for everyone who has questions when it comes to economics and climate change. Perhaps a good present for the skeptic who is not sure how the world would work without capitalism? 

5. All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis – Ayana Elizabeth Johnson

This book is a collection of essays and poetry written by women – scientists, activists and more. These voices are needed as the climate movements needs to be more inclusive and intersectional. All We Can Save is intense, inspiring and heartbreaking as it talks about current consequences of climate change. It is a powerful book that I cannot do justice with this short introduction. Just read it! 

More inspiration needed on climate change books? Check out De Groene Leeslijst part 1, part 2 and part 3!

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