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Development – behind the single story

The past weeks I have had amazingly confronting classes as part of a course called Beyond Development. María Luisa Eschenhagen from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (Medellín, Colombia) firmly pulled the ground from under our feet. Challenging…

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Activism Foot Print

I am an activist(?)

My connotation with activism is aggression and tension. Perhaps you have the same, perhaps you are surprised reading it. I am certainly intrigued, because I would say I am an activist, but writing (or saying)…

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T.A.P.A.S. transforming the world

“There Is No Alternative”, Margaret Thatcher famously declared. Global capitalism, neoliberalism - whatever you want to call what we are living by now - trumped communism and marks the end of history. With current events…

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Learning to transition

Door Inge Schrijver Two months ago I arrived in the tiny town of Totnes – or rather the even tinier Dartington village right outside Totnes – in Devon, England, to start my Master’s in Economics…

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Van Parijs naar Morgen

Dinsdag 26 januari stapte ik in Utrecht in de trein op weg naar Maastricht, op weg naar één van de vijf lezingen van ‘Van Parijs Naar Morgen’. Studenten voor Morgen organiseerde namelijk samen met vijf…

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